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Water purifier - IWPEC2

Water purifier - IWPEC2

Unique patented double - filter process


Features Benefits
Unique patented double - filter process Eliminates the need for bulky twin - filter systems Compact & neat - fits under kitchen sink
Special internal pre - coat design of filter Increases the filters capabilities - up to 40 times finer filtration than other systems
S-54 filter removes harmful contaminates such as cryptosporidium, Giardia cysts, chlorine, off - taste & odour, lead, asbestos, dirt & rust Safer, cleaner drinking water that is not contaminated
Does not remove fluoride or essential minerals Leaves the healthy, natural elements in the drinking water
NSF International endorsement (National Sanitation Foundation) which sets industry standards for water Filtration systems Quality assurance and that strict health guidelines are met

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