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Multifunction Oven Stainless Steel 60cm

Multifunction Oven Stainless Steel 60cm



Features Benefits
Fully programmable clock Allows cooking  to be set for automatic switch on and switch off at pretedermined times
5 Function oven Multiple cooking options
Conventional oven with top heating and concealed bottom heating element Ease of cleaning accidental spills
Fan assisted with bottom or dual element selection Consistent oven heating and controlled cooking
Fan grill  Increased grilling and cooking options
Tangential (external) cooling fan Safety feature to reduce surrounding temperature in cabinets and prolong life of oven components
Ventilated oven door Safety feature to reduce heat transfer to external glass panel
Locking oven shelves Safety feature to prevent shelves being moved nad causing accidents. Shelves must be tilted slightly to slide in or out
Touch Proof External finish Finger and hand prints do not show on surface

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