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Roof outlet ducting - IRD005T & IRD005M

Roof outlet ducting - IRD005T & IRD005M

IRD005T (Tile Flashing) / IRD005M (Dektile Flashing)


Features Benefits
Manufactured with flame retardant plastics to meet the relevant international standards The system parts and channels are made of flame-retarded materials to conform to BS 476, DIN 4102/B1, M1, UL94,V2 and AS1668
Lightweight, with simple push-fit connections for quick installation The parts are made from Polypropylene CP3457, HI Polystyrene CP3442 and PVC
Ducts are easily cut to length with a hacksaw  
Does not corrode, leading to long life
Recycled materials are used wherever possible

IRD005T (Tile Flashing) / IRD005M (Dektile Flashing)
Roof outlet ducting kit for Visor 600 Slide Out 600 & 900 Rangehoods Canopy 600 & 900 Rangehoods

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