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Oven Functions

With a choice of conventional, fan assisted, fan forced or multifunction there is an oven to suit everyone’s taste. The functions available vary by model, so be sure to read the individual model specifications to ensure it has the features required.

Conventional Cooking     
     Uses both the top and the concealed bottom element with thermostat control for conventional baking and roasting. this method provides the right type of cooking heat for foods that require long cooking times. ideal for sponges and cakes and is also good for casseroles and large cuts of meat.
 Fan Assisted Grilling    
     The top centre heating element is turned on and its heat is distributed by the fan resulting in evenly brown and crisp food.This function uses less energy than conventional roasting due to the oven door being closed whilst grilling. It is idealfor small cuts such as chicken pieces and racks of lamb.Even reasonably large cuts of meat, poultry and game canbe cooked to perfection using this function.
 Fan Assisted Cooking    
     With the rear mounted fan, the heated air from the top and bottom elements is circulated to quickly bring the whole oven to an even temperature, reducing cooking time, saving energy and producing evenly cooked food.Perfect for cooking on two levels particularly pastries and biscuits. This function is also suitable for low temperature defrosting and for dehydrating fruit and vegetables.
 Bottom Element with Fan Cooking    
     With the concealed bottom element on, the fan distributes the heat throughout the oven.This function is particularly suited for cooking food that requires a moderate surface heat e.g. pizza, open jam or fruit tarts, cheese cake etc.It is also ideal for heating pre-prepared dishes or to give the final touch without compromising the already perfect dish.
 Fan Forced Cooking    
     The fan is surrounded by athird element that distributes the radiated heated air evenly throughout the oven. Fan forced cooking is quick with optimum heat distribution and constant circulation of heated air eliminating hot spots. This function allows a complete meal to be cooked on three levels simultaneously and is perfect batch cooking.
 Bottom Element Cooking    
     Providing heat from the bottom of the oven only, for more focused heat and control. This method is ideal for pizza bases and pastry cases where you need a crispy underside.
Half Grill Cooking  - Variable Grilling    
     Using this function only the centre element of the grill is activated.This is an economical way of grilling small quantities of food.When using the thermostatically controlled grill, always grill with the oven door closed. This not only saves energy but also reduces the tendency of grease and fat
to splatter when cooking. With the oven door closed you can be assured that everything from delicate cheeses through to sausages and steak will be cooked to perfection with the meats being moist and tender.
 Rotisserie Cooking    
  This function operates the grill element as well as the rotisserie motor. An ideal way to produce a healthy roast as all the fats are drained whilst cooking. Always make sure that the oven pan is in place to collect the resultant fats and meat juices when cooking.
 Rotisserie with Fan Cooking    
     For cooking that large roast. The fan eliminates any possibility of hot spots and produces an evenly brown and crisper food. The system can be used without pre heating the oven, thus saving energy.
 Defrosting Function    
     With this function the fan will work causing air to circulate around the frozen food, defrosting it slowly. It is particularly suitable for fruits and cakes. The length of time required to defrost will depend on the quantity and type of food.
  The microwave energy penetrates directly into the food cooking very quickly using a low amount of energy. Ideal for defrosting and heating without affecting the quality, microwaves are suitable for all types of food and for cooking without fat.